Marcus Asset Group (“MAG”) and Pecar Properties (“Pecar”) have teamed up to form MARCUS-PECAR ADVISORY (MPA). MPA brings 50 + years of real estate development, finance, valuation and advisory experience to lenders in the Washington area. We can assist in SBA loan processing, loan workouts, valuation and advisory services. We can also help your customers with Federal + local loan and grant providers. Finally MPA can assist your borrowers in negotiations with their tenants to maximize retention and value for all stakeholders.

MPA has a long history in the Washington, DC area as developers, investors, appraisers and consultants. MAG began in 1991 in response to the severe recession, which resulted in the creation of the Resolution Trust Corporation and a pervasive environment of workouts with lenders. For several years, MAG provided valuation services for real estate projects that were in a workout mode as the economy took several years to recover. Then during the 2006-2007 recessionary period, MAG was involved in lender workout discussions as a principal and advisor.

Pecar was actively involved in workouts during the Great Recession both as an advisor and Principal. Additionally from 2007-2009 Pecar advised government agencies and law enforcement on the management of their real estate assets while working at a big 4 accounting firm. MPA has extensive full life cycle experience across retail, office, warehouse, residential condo/rental and land. We believe in a methodical and rational approach to problem solving that considers all stakeholders and facilitates a better outcome for everyone.

During this unprecedented time, we can assist owners with tenant retention and stabilizing property cash flows. Specifically we can help with the following: (1) Negotiate payment plan and lease restructurings with tenants impacted by Covid19; (2) Lender discussions to improve cash flow and negotiate workouts; (3) maximize long term value through rent roll and operating expsense advice; (4) advise regarding financing options; (5) advise on the repurposing of vacant or underutilized properties.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we may be able to assist your institution. Please contact our Principals, Ernie Marcus 202-797-2800 or Gene Pecar 703-439-9162 for more information. We look forward to discussing how we can help you and/or your borrowers through this difficult period in the market.