Investment Philosophy

Fundamentally, Pecar Properties strives to be a well-run business, and good business management is a core focus. Whether running a coffee shop, selling widgets, executing a ground up development or leasing up a shopping center, all successful businesses have a clear business plan and its manager’s focus on execution. We focus on three key principles when determining the best possible real estate investment for our capital.

Value Creation

Value is the key driver of our investment philosophy. We strive to facilitate, manage, and complete the value creation process. Our focus is to find creative ways to save money in renovation, construction and management. We are smart enough to know growth is never complete, and are constantly learning and improving our techniques. By continuously refining our approach and carefully evaluating lessons learned, we pro-actively affect the value creation process.



Our company is lean and patient. We have no requirement to transact. We keep overhead to a minimum and outsource ancillary functions to the maximum extent possible. We maintain strong relationships with contractors that can help with our operations, but only when there is truly a need. This approach enables us to pass on opportunities that don’t meet our stringent criteria, and maneuverability to act when opportunity arises.

Quality over quantity

Quality is our focus. We believe that transactions of high quality is fundamentally more important than a large portfolio. This approach makes us very selective. We believe there is no ego in business. Trouble arises when ego and quantity metrics are brought in to the acquisition decision. We believe that across the financial industry, the players that dig the deepest holes are looking to maximize assets under management rather than quality of assets. Simply put, we will not transact without a solid business plan and vision for value creation.